We at Nikolaj Redmayne have decided to introduce our very unique business model at Kickstarter because we feel that this is the best place to do it. 

We hope that you will embrace our vision as a whole : to integrate altruism with fashionable watch wear! We believe this to be ground breaking when taking Corporate Social Responsibility to unprecedented levels. When backing us, you become a vital part of our community, thus supporting our business model driven by Good Projects whilst buying our products.  

We are transparent in our objective to attract a great many backers on this round, reaching our monetary goal of SEK 3 000 000. 

Our ambitions aim high for at least 3 000 backers. Being excited about all this, we look forward to seeing you as one of them! The pledged funds will allow us to realize the next step on our journey – to bring to life our very first limited edition watch which comes in two models :

  • Ineo Conquest Vintage

  • Ineo Conquest Prestige


Besides delivering this edition to all of our backers, the pledged funds will enable us to create a platform with the capacity to interact with all of our backers.

  • Interaction is key to our success.  

  • Interaction means to stay updated with all of our future Good Projects and products to come.

  • Interaction means that our backers get to influence as to which of a number of altruistic projects to take on.

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