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April 2, 2019

Nikolaj Redmayne – the game changer

Today, Nikolaj Redmayne launches its very first collection of unisex watch wear on Kickstarter, an important step in making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive business instead of the other way around. The collection, Ineo Conquest, constitutes the first in a series of collaborations with “Good Companies” improving the lives of people in developing countries as well protecting the environment on our planet.

Collaborations making a difference in time

Every collection is linked to a close collaboration with Good Companies, bringing to life products of ingenious technology whilst at the same time being super user friendly, thus making a difference to people in developing countries and the fragile environment of our planet. 20% off the price of each watch sold from Nikolaj Redmayne is allocated to finance the purchase of these ingenious products in various projects of which the Good Company is always responsible.

– We are completely unique in this sense and take CSR to unprecedented levels with this business concept. We really make a difference in time, says Mr Christoffer Hedenbjörk, COO at Nikolaj Redmayne.

– As our customers demand affordable and timeless watch wear, they also require us to take on a significant social responsibility – we respond by financing and driving the technological development in harmony with our environment and for the greater good to people in geographies with the social development lying ahead, continues Mr Christoffer Hedenbjörk.


Clean drinking water is a catalyst for social progress

Late summer 2019, Nikolaj Redmayne will launch a second collection of watch wear; Aqua Conquest, to be realized in collaboration with a truly Good Company – Solvatten. Having developed SOLVATTEN®, a product that heats and purifies contaminated drinking water solely by the rays of sunshine, the plan is to provide some 18 000 people in developing countries with this equipment.

– Teaming up with Nikolaj Redmayne is crucial in our efforts to reach out with SOLVATTEN® to as many people as possible in geographies where the need is the most tangible, says Mr Oliwer Wadström, CIO at Solvatten.

– The use of SOLVATTEN® results in a substantial decrease of gastrointestinal diseases, thus having av positive impact on attendance at school and work and consequently improving living conditions. We see multiplier effects such as reduced use of firewood and charcoal to heat up and boil water, which is a great step forward since valuable forest land is being preserved, concludes Mr Oliwer Wadström.

Additional information and images, please contact:


Mr Christoffer Hedenbjörk, COO at Nikolaj Redmayne

Phone : +46705756560

Mr Oliwer Wadström, CIO at Solvatten

Phone : +4687772905

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